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Environmental Groups Tout Cordray's Support Of Clean Energy

Andy Chow
David Miller, Conservation Ohio, in Downtown Columbus.

Environmental advocates are pushing their support for Democrat Rich Cordray in his campaign for governor. They say between him and his Republican opponent, Mike DeWine, Cordray is the one who will back environmental protections and support clean energy. 

Ohio’s top environmental groups say Cordray has shown he can implement strong standards for clean air and clean water in the state.

Conservation Ohio’s David Miller says Cordray’s record on clean energy will be especially important, not just for the environment but for Ohio’s economy.

“There’s been debates in the Legislature about rescinding some of those clean energy standards and there are states that are surrounding us that are moving past us and if Ohio wants to stay viable in the future in a clean energy economy then we need to move forward now,” says Miller.

Ohio’s standards increase renewable energy use. Gov. John Kasich vetoed a repeal of those standards two years ago, keeping them in place.

DeWine hasn’t addressed clean energy in his platform but points to his recordof protecting Lake Erie while in the U.S. Senate.

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