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Backers Of Medical Marijuana Plan Name Leadership Team

Marijuana - Ohio Public Television

The national group gathering signatures for a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana is already planning ahead for the fall ballot by naming its organizational team.

The list of people who are working for the Medical Marijuana Project’s efforts looks like a who’s who of statewide political campaigns. Interestingly, it will be headed by Brandon Lynaugh, the head of the anti marijuana legalization effort that persuaded Ohio voters to reject the proposed constitutional amendment last year. This campaign also tapped a well-known former Statehouse reporter turned speech writer for Ohio State University President Michael Drake. Aaron Marshall will serve as communications manager for this effort. Marshall and Lynaugh join a team of key Republican and Democratic political strategists. And the team also includes at least one activist that has worked with the Ohio Rights Group, the organization that’s been pushing for medical marijuana in Ohio for more than two decades.

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