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Ohio Will Pay Planned Parenthood's Legal Fees And More As Part Of Court Settlement

The state of Ohio has settled its legal battle with Planned Parenthood, agreeing to pay thousands in legal fees and to not enforce controversial rules on disposing of remains of abortions.

Under a federal court agreement, the state will pay more than $45 thousand in legal fees for Planned Parenthood. Attorney General spokesman Dan Tierney says the deal reached back in December also said the state would not enforce a health department rule involving disposal of fetal remains.

“What this really was was an agreement between the department of health and the plaintiffs for attorney fees.”

Planned Parenthood’s attorney, Al Gerhardstein, says the rule is unconstitutionally vague and says his client wasn’t violating it.

“In fact, the state was using the same thing with respect to some of their medical facilities.”

Ohio lawmakers are considering two different bills to require fetal remains be disposed of with either cremation or burial.

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