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Group Pushes For Paid Family Leave As Priority On National Party Platforms

Andy Chow
Elizabeth Brown, Columbus City Council

As the Republican and Democratic conventions craft their platforms, one group wants to make sure their issue is added to the list. They say paid family leave isn’t just good for the employees but also a smart business decision. 

A collection of advocates gathered to call on the Republican and Democratic national conventions to support a plan to give new mothers and fathers at least 12 weeks paid leave. This can also be for other family emergencies.

Elizabeth Brown, a Columbus City Council member, says with its status as a swing state and the RNC coming to Cleveland, all eyes are on Ohio.

“Now is the time the parties officially put this into their platform and that our next president enact a national paid family leave standard,” said Brown.

Advocates say paid leave improves moral, retains good employees and ensures that they don’t underperform after returning to work too soon. 

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