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Ohio's Top Elections Official Explains Why It Would Be Almost Impossible To Rig Voting Machines

Karen Kasler
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he thinks the voting system could be rigged. And recently, the FBI raised questions about integrity of the voting systems in Arizona and Illinois.

Secretary of State Jon Husted says his office works with law enforcement to test the integrity of electronic voting machines. But even if someone were able to hack into those machines, Husted says there would be a backup way to verify votes.

Husted “Every vote has a paper trail attached to it.”

Ingles “So even if someone were to manage to get into the electronic part of the machine somehow, there would still be a paper trail that could be used as a backup.”

Husted “Absolutely.”

And Husted says there are both Republicans and Democrats who oversee voting at all of the county boards of elections. And he says there is no way all of them would agree to conspire to rig the election.

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