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Inspector General Wants Clarification Sent To Agencies On Payouts For Denied Vacation Time

Ohio Inspector General's Office

The state’s top watchdog says he wants some clarification on when state agencies can pay employees for denied vacation time.

Inspector General Randy Meyer was investigating a complaint from Gov. John Kasich’s office, that several state agencies were paying out to employees too much accrued vacation time that had been denied them. Those payouts are limited by law to 80 hours in a fiscal year. “What we found is there were 17 employees across eight agencies that received more than 80 hours, which added up to just over $47,000.”

Meyer says he thinks some agencies aren’t aware of the law, and it can cause problems in tight budgets. So he wants a statewide policy on payouts of denied vacation time developed and sent out to all state agencies, boards and commissions, so they’re all on the same page.

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