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Gov. Kasich Credits Medicaid Expansion For Helping Ohio Fight Drug Abuse Problem

Jo Ingles
Governor Kasich talks about drug abuse problem in Ohio

As Republicans in Congress debate the idea of repealing the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, Gov. John Kasich is crediting part of that law for helping fight the war on opiates in Ohio. 

Kasich says the state has spent millions fighting prescription painkillers, opioids and other illegal drugs and has put in place programs that are working. And he credits one part of the Affordable Health Care Act for helping too.

“Thank God we expanded Medicaid because that Medicaid money is helping to rehab people.”

Kasich says the Medicaid dollars are being used for treatment and programs that help addicts get off drugs. Kasich’s hoping a new bill he just signed into law that strengthens prescription drug oversight will also help fight addiction in Ohio. A recent report shows Ohio leads the nation in deaths from opioid overdoses.

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