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Report: About $785 Per Charter School Student Goes Towards Facility Costs

Andy Chow
Chad Aldis, Fordham Institute’s vice president of Ohio policy and advocacy.";

Charter school advocates are calling on state lawmakers to take a second look at how much those schools pay for the buildings they occupy. This comes after a study broke down the costs of owning and operating school buildings. 

Charter schools are paying an average of $785 per student to fund their school buildings.

That’s according to a comprehensive facilities study from the National Charter School Resource Center.

Chad Aldis is with the pro-charter school group the Fordham Institute. He says when it comes to school buildings, charters face a tougher battle compared to traditional public schools with established facilities.

“If you see a school that’s in a former storefront that looks more like a strip mall than a school -- even though the education provided could be outstanding -- it’s harder for parents to make that decision to enroll in that school.”

The study found that 49% of charters would be interested in co-location, where they share a building with a traditional public school.

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