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Political Parties React To Tuesday's Election

Karen Kasler

Both Republicans and Democrats are saying Tuesday’s vote gives them reasons to be hopeful about next year’s 2018 statewide election, which includes the race for governor. 

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper says his party had big wins in mayor’s offices in 9 out of 10 large cities as well as success in traditionally red areas like Wilmington.

“We have candidates who have compelling stories. They’re not running around beating up on Trump. They are talking about local issues that people care about and they go on to win.” - David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Party
“So of course they are going to make it sound like they are having a good night because they haven’t had a good night in ten years.” - Rob Secaur, Ohio Republican Party

Rob Secaur, the executive director of the Ohio Republican Party says the GOP won mayor’s races in traditionally blue cities like Steubenville and Toledo, where the Republican ousted an incumbent Democrat.

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