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New Study Shows Graduation Rates At Ohio's Charter Schools Are Much Worse Than Public Schools

The State of Ohio - Ohio Public Television
Howard Fleeter

A new study shows the graduation rates of Ohio’s traditional public schools are much better than those of charter schools. 

The study shows even when excluding dropout-recovery schools, the four-year graduation rate of charter schools in Ohio is just under 45%, faring worse than public schools in Ohio’s six largest cities. Schools in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron and Toledo graduated 73% of their students. Howard Fleeter of the Ohio Education Policy Institute, the group who conducted the study, says there are racial disparities too.

“White non-Hispanic students graduated at a 92.8% rate. Hispanic students graduated at an 80.4% rate. Black, non-Hispanic students graduated at a 78.4% rate.”

Fleeter says poor, rural districts performed better than their urban counterpoints. 92 percent of students in those rural districts graduated on time. 

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