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Ohio Lawmakers Pass Bill To Make Sales Tax Holiday Permanent And They Added Something

Ohio Public Television

Lawmakers have sent to Gov. John Kasich a bill that would make a permanent sales tax holiday one weekend in August, replacing the temporary one Ohioans have seen for the past three years. The bill also includes a provision meant to make schools safer.

Republican Representative Tim Schaffer says the sales tax holiday helps the state’s bottom line because shoppers buy non-exempt items while taking advantage of the tax-free school supplies.

“The state of Ohio, because of all of the extra things families buy, enjoyed in last year’s sales tax holiday, a $4.7 million increase in tax revenue for that month,” Schaffer said.

But critics say that often just means less revenue in another month, and add that retailers sometimes raise their prices during the holiday. This bill also contains a provision that allows educational service centers to levy a property tax specifically to fund security and mental health services for those schools. 

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