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House Speaker's Resignation Moved Up, So Rosenberger Will Depart Immediately

Karen Kasler
Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (center) at a press conference in February 2017, announcing plans to work with Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos (right) on problems facing both states.

Though Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger announced on Tuesday that he would leave May 1, his resignation is now effective immediately. But Rosenberger is still maintaining his innocence in the face of an FBI inquiry.

The FBI is said to be interested in Rosenberger’s international travel last year with some lobbyists connected to payday lending. Rosenberger has said he believes his actions have been ethical and lawful. He didn’t attend session on Wednesday, the same day a committee vote on a compromise bill to crack down on payday lending was halted.  And pressure was mounting among Republicans for him to leave right away. A spokesman for House leadership said in a statement that now that Speaker Pro Tem Kirk Schuring has assessed the office’s responsibilities and who has the decision-making authority, Schuring felt it was in the best interest of the House that Rosenberger resign immediately.

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