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DeWine's Lawyer Sends Cease-And-Desist Letters To TV Stations Airing Taylor Ad

A still from the Mary Taylor ad "Voting", which Mike DeWine's lawyer is asking TV stations to stop airing.

With a little over three weeks till the primary, the Republican candidates for governor and their supporters are spending millions on advertising. The ad war is heating up, with lawyers now getting involved.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s campaign has just released a new ad, building on this commercial from last month. In both she ties Attorney General Mike DeWine’s voting records when he was in the US Senate with those of Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. “Dewine has supported tax-payer funded benefits for illegals, even giving them Ohio driver’s licenses," the ad copy says.

DeWine’s lawyer has fired back at this ad, sending cease-and-desist letters to TV stations airing it. A spokesman says Taylor has lies about her positions on issues and about Dewine’s – and that these particular lines are also false, along with another claim in the ad that DeWine supported so-called sanctuary cities.

UPDATE: Mary Taylor's campaign spokesman responded to the letter with a statement that reads in part, "It's rich that D.C. DeWine is trying to get his attorney buddies to hide his 42-year liberal voting record for him.....It looks like the recent polling numbers are making him a little unhinged.  Get your popcorn."    

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