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Democrats Flip Six Seats, Lose Two Others In Statehouse Races

Karen Kasler

Democrats gained some ground in the Statehouse in this midterm election, but not much. The results won’t shift power in either chamber.

UPDATE: Democrats flipped a total of six seats in the House - the 6th in northeast Ohio; the 19th, 21st, 24th, all in central Ohio; the 28th, near Cincinnati; and the 37th, in Hudson. And they flipped one in the Senate - the 3rd.  Republicans flipped one seat in the House - the 59th, near Youngstown -  and one in the Senate - the 33rd, also Youngstown.

All 99 seats in the Ohio House were on the ballot – 66 held by Republicans, 33 by Democrats.

And Democrats did flip five Republican seats, including three suburban Columbus districts, one near Akron and one south of Cleveland. But Democrats lost a seat they held in the Youngstown area, which still votes blue overall but where Republicans are gaining ground.

None of the 65 incumbents running in the House lost, nor did any of the seven incumbents in the state Senate.

Seventeen of 33 Senators were on the ballot, and Democrats lost one of their 9 seats as Republicans flipped the district held by Joe Schiavoni, who’s also from the Youngstown area, who had run for governor earlier this year.

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