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DeWine Creates New Position To Lead Children's Initiatives

Andy Chow
Ohio Governor-elect Mike DeWine holds first press conference following his gubernatorial win to announce first staff positions.

Hot off his election night win, Ohio’s Governor-elect Mike DeWine made his first round of staff announcements. That includes the creation of a new position to carry out what DeWine says is among his top priorities.

On the campaign trail, Mike DeWine consistently said the health and well-being of Ohio’s children was a primary concern.

As his first action as governor-elect, DeWine named LeeAnne Cornyn as Director of Children’s Initiatives, a position he’s creating in the governor’s office.

“You want someone who’s able to walk into your office and say ‘we gotta do this, this is not happening, you need to go deal with this, you need to put these two cabinet members together and get them moving,'” says DeWine.

Cornyn currently holds the same title in DeWine’s attorney general’s office. In the campaign, DeWine proposed expanding early childhood education, increasing access to mental health services, and reforming the foster care system.

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