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Kasich Winding Down Work As Governor, And Signals He's Considering His Future Options

Karen Kasler
Fresh from a trip to New Hampshire, Gov. John Kasich talks to reporters in front of his ceremonial Statehouse office.

Gov. John Kasich still has almost two more months on the job, but he’s apparently starting to wind down his work and consider his legacy. And while he still isn't saying if he's running for president, he may be starting to forecast what he’s planning on doing next in talking about issues beyond Ohio.

Standing in front of his ceremonial Statehouse office with the word “governor” emblazoned in gold paint on the door, Kasich told reporters Ohio has the most private sector jobs it’s ever had.  “Things are good here and we should feel good. And I think the people on Election Day really rewarded that," Kasich said.

Kasich also shared his concern for wildfire victims in California, and talked about his recent trip to an event sponsored by a newspaper in New Hampshire, a state that’s very important in presidential years. “I was there to celebrate what the press does.”

Kasich also said his opposition hasn’t changed to the so-called “Stand Your Ground” gun bill and to the six-week abortion ban that just passed the House. Polls and pundits have suggested that voters are looking for more moderate, consensus building candidates for the 2020 election.

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