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How Much Did Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Ohio Sell On Their First Day?

Teri Verbickis,

Four medical marijuana dispensaries opened yesterday to sell the first products to Ohioans. Here's how business went on the first day.

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Program says the four dispensaries made $75,000 in total sales of 8.7 pounds of medical marijuana – with patients paying as much as $60 for what they’d need for a single day. 

In most cases, sales were restricted because the dispensaries didn’t want to run out of the limited product they have.

Processors have not yet been able to get products like creams and oils out to the dispensaries so sales were limited to the marijuana flower itself. That has to be consumed with a vaporizer, since smoking marijuana is still illegal. But as more dispensaries open and processors come online, patients will see a wider variety of products and maybe lower prices.

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