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Gov. DeWine Says Ohioans With Pre-existing Conditions Will Keep Their Health Care

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (Republican)
Jo Ingles
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (Republican)

President Trump’s administration wants the federal courts to do what Congress didn’t – overturn all parts of the Affordable Care Act. But Gov. Mike DeWine says Ohioans with pre-existing conditions don’t need to worry. 

A federal court decision in December ruled Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act invalid, a move Trump supports. If that sticks, the health care that covers many Ohioans with pre-existing conditions could disappear.

“My commitment to the people of the state of Ohio remains that if for any reason federal law is changed, we will protect the rights of people who have a problem, have a pre-existing condition, have insurance," DeWine says.

Nearly a million Ohioans, some with pre-existing conditions, receive health care from Medicaid expansion or purchase it through Ohio’s health care exchange.

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