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New Bill Would Require Elected Officials To Work A Minimum Amount Of Time To Keep Their Positions

Rep. John Becker (R-Cincinnati)
Ohio Legislature
Rep. John Becker (R-Cincinnati)

A new bill in the Ohio House would crack down on elected officials at all levels who fail to show up to do those jobs. 

Republican John Becker’s (R-Cincinnati) bill would require elected officials to be present in their office at least five days out of 30 in a month or they could lose those positions.

“The elected officials that go to Florida and they are there all winter, they go to Mackinaw or someplace and they are there all summer, and they are simply gone for months at a time, that’s what it is going to prevent," Becker says.

Becker says there would be exceptions for those who are absent due to legitimate illness. He says this bill could include elected officials at local and state levels. Becker says his bill could be passed as a stand-alone measure or could be included into the state budget bill.

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