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Ohio's Coronavirus Hotline Call Center Is Busy And In Cramped Quarters

Coronavirus hotline call center
Jo Ingles
Coronavirus hotline call center

Gov. Mike DeWine says he thinks the state’s Coronavirus hotline needs to be moved to a larger location because the tight space it is located in now is conducive to passing the potentially deadly disease. The hotline is getting an average of two calls per minute. 

 About a dozen medical professionals answered questions about coronavirus in a busy phone bank in a small room in the basement at the Ohio Department of Health. After DeWine toured the cramped facility, he said it needed to be moved to a larger space. He said the state is having to make quick decisions on how to prevent coronavirus spread and cautions it’s sometimes hard for the public to understand why at the moment.


“This is like going from a total standstill to 140 miles per hour in two seconds," DeWine said.


Many people calling the hotline want more information about the disease, how it is spread and have questions about exposure to the illness.


The Coronavirus hotline number is 833-427-5634 or 833-4-ASK ODH

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