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DeWine, LaRose Call For Delaying Ohio Primary

Andy Chow
Secretary of State Frank LaRose

Gov. Mike DeWine is calling for Ohio's primary to be postponed for a few months to help voters avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

DeWine wants Ohio to hold in-person voting on June 2, while still allowing absentee voting up to that date.

He says voters feel conflicted between staying safe at home or going to cast a ballot in person.

"We should not be in a situation where the votes of these individuals, who are conflicted, are suppressed," says DeWine. "It does not require them to choose between their health and exercising their constitutional right."

DeWine has already issued orders to close bars, restaurants, schools and other large gatherings.

He says the CDC's revised guidelines on mass gatherings played a role in his recommendation.

Ohio officials say this would still give presidential candidates the ability to collect delegates before the national conventions.

The change must be made through a lawsuit pending in court.

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