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New Bill Would Allow Alcohol To Be Delivered With Restaurant Food Order

Watershed Distillery Facebook page

Ohio’s bars and restaurants would be able to expand their seating and service into parking lots or public grounds under a new bill at the Statehouse. And they’d also be able to sell alcohol for delivery through third-party services such as GrubHub or Doordash.

Watershed Distillery in Columbus has a small restaurant on site. Its owner, Greg Lehman, says current social distancing requirements because of COVID-19 are tough. 

“We don’t have a lot of room for people to come in so by allowing us extra space on a patio or coverting a parking lot, it allows us to put more people in seats which lets us see a clearer path to economic viability," Lehman says.

The bill also permanently allows third party delivery services to deliver an unlimited number of drinks. Under current COVID-19 rules, customers are limited to two packaged drinks with pick up orders.

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