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Ohio Bill Aims To Help Ohioans Being Evicted Due To COVID19 Income Losses

Steve Heap,

As COVID-19 related job losses continue to affect thousands of Ohioans, many are in danger of losing their homes. A bill that’s been introduced by a Democratic state representative could help some of them. 

David Leland (D-Columbus) is sponsoring a bill that would set aside 10% of the state’s rainy-day fund, about $270 million, to set up a fund to help an estimated half million Ohioans who are facing eviction. 

“Eviction can be such a life altering experience. It ruins somebody’s credit. It puts people out on the street at a time when people really need to be at home because of the health emergency. And it makes it so much harder for people to get a home in the future," Leland says.

Leland says the U.S. Census Bureau estimates about a half million Ohioans need help paying rent to stay in their homes right now. He says his bill would provide them with up to two months-worth of rent. 

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