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Could Additional Ballot Drop Boxes Prevent Lines On Election Day?

Cuyahoga County ballot drop box
Statehouse News Bureau
Cuyahoga County ballot drop box

Groups representing voters say they fear possible consolidation of polling places this November due to coronavirus concerns will lead to long lines, similar to those many Ohioans experienced when they voted in 2004. The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party is recommending using more drop boxes. 

Ballot drop boxes look similar to mailboxes, but in Ohio there’s only one per county and it’s located at the board of elections. Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper says putting drop boxes in more locations could provide more voters access, and make sure people won’t have to trust the U.S. Postal Service.

“So that rather than going into the postage system and the added days that that adds to the process, and rather than adding a stamp, you put it in the vote by mail drop box and the board of elections staff pick up those ballots every single day," Pepper says.

Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose says he’s open to the idea but they’d have to be in secure locations, and he’s concerned they can’t be deployed in time.

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