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Bill Penalizes School Districts That Go Remote But Fail To Still Transport Private School Students

Jo Ingles

Ohio’s public schools are paid by the state to transport students who attend private, charter or community schools. But during the pandemic, some public school districts are not transporting their own students. Do the public schools still have to transport the private school students in that case? There’s a bill in the legislature now that addresses that. 

Republican Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware) says public school districts get state money to transport kids to private, charter or community schools so they need to do that. 

“If they are not transporting kids going to a community school, why should they receive the funding from the state taxpayers to transport kids they are not transporting?," Brenner asks.

Some districts on remote learning have tried to use public transportation to bus the other students, which Brenner says isn’t safe. He knows the bill won’t pass by the start of the school year but hopes it can pass by the end of session in December. 

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