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Ohio Secretary Of State Allowing Limited Drop Boxes

Cuyahoga County drop box
Jo Ingles
Cuyahoga County drop box

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is allowing more drop boxes but they are must be on the property of local boards of elections. 


Late Friday, an appeals court said LaRose could and should allow the addition of more drop boxes but didn’t order him to add them. Now, LaRose has issued a directive telling boards of elections they can add more drop boxes but only on their properties.

The Ohio Democratic Party Chair brought one of two lawsuits over the addition of ballot drop boxes. Chairman David Pepper says LaRose's directive doesn't help voters because it isn’t allowing the addition of drop boxes in other areas of communities that would be more convenient. 

“He is becoming a stooge at this point of a party that doesn’t want this to happen," Pepper says.


Pepper says a federal court could weigh in and require LaRose to add drop boxes in communities where voters without transportation can more easily access them but there’s no word, at this point, whether that will happen. 


LaRose says he wants to make sure any drop boxes that are added now would be secure. And he says he doesn't want to do anything that is going to cause confusion before the election.


Ohio Republican Party statement
Credit Jo Ingles
Ohio Republican Party statement

The Ohio Republican Party has issued a statement, praising LaRose for his directive.


Early in person and mail in voting begins tomorrow.

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