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Ohio's Secretary Of State Says He's Pleased With Early Vote Efforts

Sec. of State Frank LaRose (R)
Jo Ingles
Sec. of State Frank LaRose (R)

Early vote centers throughout the state have been busy all weekend. In fact, they’ve been busy since October 6th when Ohioans could begin voting. The state’s election chief is happy about that. 

Secretary of State Frank LaRose says the more Ohioans vote early, the less the strain will be on Election Day. He’s pleased with what he’s seeing so far. 


“We’ve seen a tripling in the number of early voters in the state compared to any past election. We’ve seen a doubling in the number of absentee voters compared to past elections. And that’s really exciting. We could be in a situation, and I’m not in the prediction business, but we could be in a situation where, before the polls open at 6:30 on November 3rd, potentially more than half of the votes in the state could have already been cast," LaRose said Sunday.


As usual, LaRose says early absentee votes will be the first ones shown on Election night. He says Ohioans might know the winner on Election night but if it is close, he says the winner might not be determined immediately. 

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