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Nearly 98,000 Fewer Ohio Voters Are On The Rolls Right Now

Dan Konik

A near record number of Ohioans were registered to vote in 2020. Now 97,795 voter registrations have been removed from the rolls. Ohio’s top elections official says it’s part of a planned cleanup effort. 

In August, there were nearly 116,000 registrations on the list for removal. But between August 21st and December 7th, nearly 18,000 registrants did something to re-activate their voter registration. Some voters may have cast ballots in November, thereby updating their registrations. Or some may have simply updated their registrations online or in response to mailings sent to them.

Some of the nearly 98,000 voter registrations that have now been removed from the rolls could be people who have moved, had a duplicate registration or who died. Voters who want to check to see whether they have been removed can do so by going online. Anyone who finds out they’ve been removed and wants to re-activate their registration can do so by going online at 

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