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Fight Over New Abortion Law Requiring Burial Or Cremation Of Fetal Remains Will Continue

Judge Alison Hathaway, Hamilton County Common Pleas Court
Jo Ingles
Judge Alison Hathaway, Hamilton County Common Pleas Court

Abortion clinics that wanted a temporary restraining order against the state over a new law didn’t get it. But they will get another court hearing soon. 

Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Alison Hatheway denied the request from abortion clinics to set aside the law requiring burial or cremation of fetal remains.  

“I do agree with the state in that I’m not convinced that there is immediate and irreparable harm at this time because the legislation is not due to take effect until April 6th," Hathaway says.

But Hatheway set a hearing later this month for the state and abortion clinics to debate whether the new law should take effect as planned. Abortion providers say clinics have not yet been provided with paperwork or rules to follow for the new law. The state has until July to provide that but clinics say they cannot comply in April if they don’t have the rules. 

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