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Ohio Sued Over New Law Preventing Use Of Telemedicine For Abortions

Planned Parenthood, Athens, Ohio
Dan Konik
Planned Parenthood, Athens, Ohio

A state law that bans the use of telemedicine in medication abortions is set to go into effect on April 12th. But a lawsuit has been filed to prevent that from happening. 

Planned Parenthood is suing to keep the law from going into effect. Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio Spokeswoman Laurel Powell says telemedicine is used to consult with patients who are getting medication abortions when it is inconvenient or impossible for them to physically go in to see a doctor. She says there’s no medical reason for denying them that opportunity. 

“This law is nothing but an attempt that make abortion harder for people to access," Powell says.

Powell says the new law is unconstitutional and says it should be set aside. It requires doctors must be physically present when their patients take the first of two pills that are used in medication abortions. And if they aren’t, they could be charged with a felony. 

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