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Attorney General Rejects Initial Paperwork For Outright Ban On Abortion In Ohio

Ohio Attorney General's office
A group of three northern Ohio residents filed the paperwork for the abortion ban amendment earlier this month.

The proposed abortion ban that a group of citizens wants to put before Ohio voters has been stopped – for now.

The proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution seeks to ban all abortion and classify it as aggravated murder, making doctors and women who have the procedure subject to prosecution. Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected the paperwork for it, because the three people who filed it needed a thousand valid signatures, but turned in only 842. But DeWine says he’s not ruling on the fairness or truthfulness of the language in the proposal, which is another step in the process. Little is known about the three people who put forward the proposal, but Ohio Right to Life says it’s not involved. If the group wants to try again, it’ll have to start over and gather another thousand signatures.

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