Top Doctors Issue A Dire Warning For Unvaccinated Ohioans

Jul 21, 2021

After falling to levels not seen in over a year, COVID-19 cases in Ohio have more than doubled in the past couple of weeks due to the latest highly contagious Delta variant. And  doctors are warning unvaccinated people that they, and their unvaccinated children, are at great risk of catching it. 

The Ohio Department of Health’s Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff says anyone who is unvaccinated at this point is at great risk of contracting COVID. 

“It’s now a choice between vaccination or running the risk of COVID-19 infection because you are going to get it," Vanderhoff says.

More than half of Ohioans have yet to get vaccinated. Vanderhoff and pediatric doctors say kids under 12 who cannot get the vaccine are vulnerable if adults are unvaccinated. He says ODH is looking at recent guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics that suggests children in schools wear masks and adds ODH will offer specific guidance on that issue soon.