Voter Groups Discuss Ballot Initiative If Lawmakers Don't Act On Congressional Redistricting

Jul 14, 2016

Advocates say time is running out for lawmakers to overhaul the way congressional districts are drawn in Ohio.  

The left-leaning government watchdog group Common Cause Ohio and other voter groups are calling on the Legislature to put something on the ballot that would change the congressional redistricting process.

Common Cause’s Catherine Turcer says the history of gerrymandering goes all the way back to the founding fathers and is still being used to benefit one party over another.

“We’d like to see it thrown into the dustbin of history, gerrymandering, the way powdered wigs have gone,” said Turcer.

Ohio voters already approved changing the way state districts are drawn. Turcer says an effort toward a ballot issue on changing congressional redistricting could launch in January if lawmakers don't act.