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Current Congressional District map broken out
Mike Curtin and Karen Kasler

Ohio’s top legislative leaders are being sued for not being transparent with the public in matters related to the state’s new voter-approved process for drawing new maps for Congress and the state House and Senate. 

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The Ohio House has passed a bipartisan bill that increases penalties on people who are convicted of assaulting sports officials. 

L-R Youngstown Mayor Jamal Tito Brown, Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther, Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn
Ohio Mayors Alliance

Mayors of some Ohio cities say past and future tax abatements might be affected by a bill under consideration that would allow employees to receive refunds on income taxes if they work from home in a different city. 

Children hold sign promoting equality
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A bill that’s been introduced in the Ohio Legislature for the better part of two decades now would add sexual orientation to the state’s civil rights protections. The bill has bipartisan support and is getting hearings in the House. But House leaders say they have a lot of questions about it.  

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The Ohio House overwhelmingly passed a bill that changes the way K-12 students are tested for this school year because of interrupted learning during the COVID pandemic. 

Ohio Statehouse
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Two representatives in the Ohio House are in the hospital right now, battling COVID-19. They are the latest to acknowledge they have contracted the virus. 

Legal abortion advocates rally at Ohio Statehouse
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The Ohio House has passed, along party lines, another abortion bill. This one requires fetal remains from abortions be buried or cremated.

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Democrats in the Ohio House are accusing Republican leadership of failing to provide a safe workplace while they vote on bills in the Ohio Statehouse. The Democrats say House Session lacks physical distancing while most of their Republican counterparts don't wear face masks.

Online meeting of the task force

Small business leaders throughout the state are telling a House panel looking at how to lift Ohio’s Stay Home order they need to allow businesses to open now. 

Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Gahanna, Ohio
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A pair of bills in the Ohio Legislature would change the way people register to vote, making it an automated process instead requiring them to fill out forms or go online. People could still opt out of the process in both. But the new bill in the House would do it differently than a Senate proposal.

House Speaker Larry Householder speaks to reporters
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The Ohio House and Senate have had different approaches and ideas on key pieces of legislation during the past year. And while that’s occasionally caused some tension, the leader of the House says that’s ok.

Ohio House Democrats
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Leaders of the Republican dominated Ohio Legislature have expressed frustration in recent weeks that more of the bills they consider “priorities” have not been passed by lawmakers. But Democrats in the House say they think lawmakers are spending too much time debating the wrong issues. 

House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) with Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina)
Andy Chow

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) is throwing shots at the Ohio Senate, claiming they're taking too much time to pass bills that are priority issues in the House. Householder says his fellow Republicans in the Senate need to pick up the pace on issues that could help Ohioans.


Recent federal income tax reforms have eliminated itemized deductions which Ohio lawmakers often used when they stayed overnight while doing legislative business in Columbus. Now, Ohio taxpayers are picking up the tab for some of those expenses. 

Rep. John Patterson and Rep. Bob Cupp
Statehouse News Bureau

For weeks now, Ohio lawmakers have been considering a bipartisan school funding plan from two state representatives.  They say the plan would reduce reliance on property taxes. The proposal is not funded in the proposed House budget.

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder
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The two-year state budget proposed by the Ohio House includes some new tax cuts and takes away some tax breaks. 

Ohio House

The Ohio lawmaker who was arrested for impaired driving and felony drug possession will not be asked to step down from his position as representative. 

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The Ohio House is now streaming more committee hearings online through the purchase and installation of new cameras at the Statehouse. This is part of the new effort to expand transparency in the bill making process. 

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Democratic lawmakers in the Ohio House who have been pushing for years to eliminate sales tax for feminine hygiene products were finally able to get it through – and nearly unanimously. But this time, it was part of a larger tax related bill.

Opponents of Heartbeat Bill gather on the Statehouse steps, a few hours before a hearing on the bill in a Senate committee.
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"Ho, ho, hey, hey, Roe v. Wade is here to stay." That's what opponents of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill" chanted on the steps leading into the Ohio Statehouse. The activists said the bill would deny legal abortion before many women know they are pregnant. 

The Ohio House has put the state a step closer to becoming the third to pass a ban on abortions after a diagnosis of Down Syndrome has been made. 

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Two weeks after the resignation of a Republican state senator because of sexual harassment claims, other reports have surfaced of inappropriate and concerning behavior by some other state lawmakers.

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State lawmakers have come back to Columbus to start their new year and new session, with the same House Speaker and House Minority Leader. The two recently sat down for an exclusive conversation for "The State of Ohio" about what happened in the long and confusing end of last year’s session, and what’s ahead.

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As the new session of the Ohio General Assembly starts its work, tax reform is on the mind of its top leaders. 

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The Ohio House and Senate took on a jam-packed slate of bills for their last day of lawmaking before leaving for summer break. 

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There have been some changes to the proposed bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Ohio. The bill that’s set to go before the full Ohio Senate tomorrow.

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When the Ohio House passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana, a former lawmaker was watching the floor debate online.

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After more than twenty years of repeated attempts, the Ohio House has overwhelmingly approved a historic bill that would allow regulated medical marijuana in the Buckeye State.

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The Ohio House committee that’s been working on a new bill to allow medical marijuana has voted its new legislation out of committee.

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Leaders of the Ohio House are now considering what to do about medical marijuana following seven public hearings on the subject in front of its task force.