Trump Campaign's Brutal Letter To State GOP Chair Sparks Apparent Civil War In Party

Oct 17, 2016

The rift between the Trump campaign on the chair of the Ohio Republican Party blew up into what appears to be a full-blown war.

It’s no secret Matt Borges has had concerns about Donald Trump as the party’s nominee. But Trump’s Ohio campaign chair Bob Paduchik suggested this was personal in his letter to the Ohio Republican Party’s state central committee. The letter blasted the chairman for promoting himself as a possible future head of the Republican National Committee with what Paduchik called “an apparently insatiable need for publicity”. Borges responded to Paduchik’s letter with a 10-point list of ways the sstate party is supporting Trump, and closed by saying he would never allow what he called “the bruised ego of a staffer” get in the way of his job as state party chair. This comes as Trump’s running mate Mike Pence visits the Cincinnati area and Columbus today.