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Rescues And Humane Organizations Urge Lawmakers To Reject Pet Store Bill

Opponents of a bill that would ban local restrictions on pet stores say state lawmakers shouldn’t pass that legislation.

Union County humane officer Stephen Baldwin says communities should be able to make regulations for pet care stores. But Baldwin says the so called Petland bill takes away home rule authority to do that.

“That’s the right of the people and the will of the people and it’s not up to big business to try to intercede with that.”

Mike Gonidakis, attorney for Petland, says local leaders are being pressured by animal rights advocates to pass legislation that hurts pet stores.

“We’re unable to work with local city councils because of the harassment they are getting from the PETA types, Jo.”

Gonidakis says if this legislation doesn’t pass, Petland stores could go out of business, putting 800 Ohioans out of work.

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