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House, Senate To Take On Dozens Of Bills On Last Day Of Lame Duck

Andy Chow
Ohio Senate holds session at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

There’s been a flurry of activity at the Statehouse, as the Senate and House move through many pieces of legislation before the year ends and there are dozens of bills that could be up for a vote on this final day of lame duck session.

The Legislature seems poised to move on another abortion bill. This one would ban abortion 20 weeks into a pregnancy. They’re also likely to pass a stopgap plan towards fixing Ohio’s unemployment compensation fund and a bill to roll back green energy standards.

Republican Senate President Keith Faber says, with all that’s happening, there are still many bills that’ll be left on the table.

“Our question that we’ve been asking routinely is is it something that is unique in nature, urgent, and if it is then we’ll have a conversation about it but otherwise a lot of stuff can wait till next year,” said Faber.

Faber says lawmakers are ready to reconvene if, for example, they would want to overturn a possible veto from Gov. John Kasich.

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