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Ohio House Democrats Urge Support For Union-Backed Federal Bill

Tiffany McKee, United Steelworkers
Jo Ingles
Tiffany McKee, United Steelworkers

Ohio House Democrats are urging Congress to pass legislation meant to protect the rights of workers and allow them to unionize. 

Unions that back the plan called the "PROAct" say it’s common for businesses to pressure employees into choosing not to unionize. Tiffany McKee with the United Steelworkers says some companies have been able to dissuade workers with half-truths in mandated meetings or have retaliated against those threatening to organize.

“We just want the same advantages that the company has or have the company on the same level playing field as us," McKee says.

Most business groups oppose the bill. The Democrat-run U.S. House is expected to pass it but the Republican-run Senate is not expected to take it up. But in this election year, a candidate’s stand on the bill could help determine where support from labor unions will go.

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