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Ohio Republican Party Has A New Chairman

Ohio Republican Party members during vote
Jo Ingles
Ohio Republican Party members during vote

The Ohio Republican Party has a new chairman but he’s actually a well-known political operative.

Most recently, Bob Paduchik ran President Trump’s Ohio campaigns. He’s also worked with other high-profile state candidates and served as co-chair of the Republican National Committee.

Paduchik beat out former state lawmaker John Becker. He told the group he was a "regular guy" who spoke for many Republicans who had become frustrated by the status-quo. When being nominated for the post, Becker was hailed as a person who wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He's often taken controversial stands on issues. Last year, he filed articles of impeachment against Gov. Mike DeWine for his coronavirus -related shutdowns.

Bob Paduchik
Credit Jo Ingles
Bob Paduchik

Paduchik says his main goal as leader of the party will be to help elect Republican candidates next year.

“We have to elect Republicans here in Ohio next year. That means we need a party that’s focused on building the financial resources that we need, building the organization we need," Paduchik says.

Paduchik says he’ll also focus on trying to build Republican numbers in urban areas and adopting some of the professional standards that have been proven to be helpful by the party in other states and nationally.

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