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Ohio Congressman Steps Down To Head Business Group

Congressman Steve Stivers (R-15th district) shakes hands with Gov Mike DeWine
Karen Kasler
Congressman Steve Stivers (R-15th district) shakes hands with Gov Mike DeWine

Republican Congressman Steve Stivers says he’s stepping down as representative for Ohio’s 15th district in central Ohio on May 16th to lead the state’s premier business group. 

Congressman Steve Stivers says he's going to step down to head the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  His 15th Congressional district is in a heavily gerrymandered seat that stretches from Upper Arlington in Central Ohio to Athens, encompassing many rural areas along the way. Outgoing Ohio Chamber of Commerce President Andy Doehrel says Stivers was chosen from a field of 80 candidates because the group likes his vision. 

“He came in with a set of ideas and say, ‘here’s some things that we can do to take the chamber to the next level’ and I think with any volunteer group, that went over very well," Doehrel says.

Doehrel admits Stivers’ connections help too. Before going to Congress, Stivers served in the Ohio Senate, worked as a lobbyist and had experience working in the banking industry.

In 2017, central Ohio Republican Pat Tiberi announced he would leave Congress to head the Ohio Business Roundtable.

Stivers’ resignation comes as state leaders begin the process of Congressional redistricting where Ohio will likely lose one seat. And it takes Stivers out of a potential run for Ohio’s open US Senate seat.

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