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Ohio Is Spending Millions Of Federal Dollars To Prevent Rock Slides

Rock slide on SR 7 in Washington County
Ohio Department of Transportation
Rock slide on SR 7 in Washington County

Ohio is using millions in federal pandemic relief dollars to try to prevent rock slides on roads in some parts of Ohio. 

In recent years, the state has had to close major roads and make expensive repairs to roads in Southern Ohio because of rocks – including large boulders -- that slid off hills. Matt Bruning with the Ohio Department of Transportation says that’s why the state is taking a proactive approach now. 

“It’s about $35 million that we have set aside in federal funding for this project, this effort. And this will address nearly 40 different locations across Southern Ohio and Southeastern Ohio which is where the bulk of the landslides and rock slides are," Bruning says.

The funding for these projects is part of a $333-million-dollar allocation the state received from federal coronavirus relief money.

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