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Controversial Abortion Bill Is Reintroduced In Ohio Legislature

abortion reversal bill opponents at Ohio Statehouse  in 2019
Jo Ingles
abortion reversal bill opponents at Ohio Statehouse in 2019

A bill that would require abortion clinics to give women information about how to possibly reverse medication-induced procedures died in the last General Assembly. But it’s been brought back for another shot at passage. 

Republican Rep. Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) is sponsoring the bill, which mandates clinics provide information on how to possibly continue a pregnancy after taking the first of two abortion-inducing drugs. He says he’s unsure why it didn’t pass before.

“I don’t know if it ran out of time or what but we were working on a number of controversial things in the House at the time with House bill 6 and a new speaker so I would assume that played into it,” Koehler says.

Koehler says it’s possible to reverse an abortion after the first of two pills to cause it by giving the pregnant woman progesterone.

But some medical experts have said it’s ineffective at best, and testified doing that was dangerous to the health of the woman. In 2019, a University of California medical trial of the reversal processwas halted due to safety concerns. 

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