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State Employees Can Get $100 For Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

Nurse prepares vial at Columbus clinic, March 2021
Dan Konik
Nurse prepares vial at Columbus clinic, March 2021

If you are a state employee and you’ve been vaccinated, you are going to get a little extra money. The latest incentive involves paying state workers who get COVID shots. 

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says state employees who have gotten COVID shots will get a small jackpot. 

“We are going to pay every employee $100 who gets the vaccination," DeWine says.

Spouses who get vaccinated will get $25. The money will be paid through the state’s health plan and will be retroactive for any employee who has already been vaccinated. DeWine says he’s looking into other possible incentives for Ohioans who are not state employees. 

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