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DeWine Says Numbers Make The Case For COVID Vaccines

Nurse draws vaccine into vial at Columbus clinic, March 2021
Dan Konik
Nurse draws vaccine into vial at Columbus clinic, March 2021

Less than 50% of Ohioans are fully vaccinated. And numbers from Ohio’s Department of Health show a staggering difference between serious COVID cases in unvaccinated and vaccinated Ohioans. 

The Ohio Department of Health says since January, of the 17,129 Ohioans hospitalized with COVID, only 205 or one percent were vaccinated. 6,812 Ohioans died from COVID during that same period – and less than one percent (34)  were vaccinated. Gov. Mike DeWine says this makes the case for getting COVID vaccines. 

“These numbers are stunning. We are seeing them across the country. 99% of hospitalizations for COVID are because that person was not, in fact, vaccinated,” DeWine says.

ODH Medical Director Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff says the new Delta variant is spreading throughout Ohio. He says it’s not a matter of if unvaccinated Ohioans will get COVID, it is a matter of when they’ll get it.And he points out COVID is far more dangerous than any side-effects from the COVID vaccine. 

Here are the numbers at a glance

Numbers at a glance

Since January 1, 2021

17,129 hospitalized with COVID

16,924 of those were unvaccinated

205 of those were vaccinated

Just over 1% of those with COVID were vaccinated. (0.9880319)


Since January 1, 2021

6846 total deaths due to COVID

6812 unvaccinated deaths

34 vaccinated

Just under 1% of deaths due to COVID were vaccinated (0.0049664)

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