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Second largest Ohio county is using temporary ballots that will need to be remade later

Ohio ballots prepared for mailing
Daniel Konik
Statehouse News Bureau

Elections officials in Cuyahoga County say voters are using temporary ballots because the regular, printed ballots are not available yet.

Voters who are voting early in Cuyahoga County are doing so on temporary ballots that will have to be remade later because the regular, printed ballots have not yet been received.

Mike West, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections spokesman, said the county is handling early voting this primary the same way it commonly handles military and overseas voting.

“We identify the correct ballot for them and then we print it off. And they get a PDF ballot, it’s a PDF copy or a copy of a PDF and they make their voting selections and when they are done, they put it in a security envelope. And we are going to be setting those aside until Friday when the actual printed envelopes come to us,” West said.

At that point, West said a bipartisan staff will oversee the remaking of the ballots. He said the process will be videotaped as well.

As West explained, ballot remaking is pretty routine and often happens when ballots are torn or damaged.

A spokesman for the Ohio Secretary of State's office says Cuyahoga County is the only one that is voting on temporary PDF ballots at this point.

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