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House Passes Transportation Budget, But Lawmaker Warns Of Trouble Down The Road

Chuck Wagner/

The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed the state’s $7.8 billion transportation budget, which funds road projects and public safety around the state.

The transportation budget is not part of the overall state budget. House Republicans will release their version of the governor’s proposal soon.  And  Rep. Robert McColley (R-Napoleon) reminded his colleagues that there’s a potential crisis coming with the transportation budget. “It’s funded by our gas tax revenues in the state of Ohio, federal highway funds and tolls that you’re going to see from the turnpike. One thing to note is that this is a declining revenue source. Ohioans are paying less gas tax now than in years past.”

Democratic amendments to add in more money for public transit, requiring online customers be automatically registered to vote and eliminating the front license plate law were rejected. The transportation budget now goes on to the Senate.

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