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Ohio Supreme Court To Review 2014 Law Requiring Officers With All Traffic Cameras

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The Ohio Supreme Court will once again take up the issue of red light and traffic cameras Tuesday, deciding the constitutionality of a law that requires cities to post officers alongside those cameras if they want to continue using them. A trip back into the archives explains the basics of the case.

In 2014, Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) was a senator, and told his Senate colleagues that his bill requiring an officer to be posted with a camera is consistent with home rule, “which basically says we cannot ban things in cities – rather, we have the power to regulate things in cities.”

Support and opposition crossed party lines. Republican Akron area Sen. Frank LaRose said he’s no fan of traffic cameras, but…

“They cannot be used in any effective way under this bill, and in that sense I believe that it violates home rule.”

The Supreme Court challenge was filed by the city of Dayton, and Akron, East Cleveland, Springfield and Toledo support the challenge.  A roofing company has filed paperwork supporting the law.

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