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Trump Buys First TV Ads In Ohio As Clinton Launches New Barrage Of Ads In Battleground State

Statehouse News Bureau
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both campaigned in Ohio recently.

This weekend will bring a new barrage of TV ads in Ohio and other battleground states – including the first spots from Republican Donald Trump.

Trump’s first ad contrasts his view of what the US will be like under a Hillary Clinton administration with his plans on what appear to be his favorite issues – the border with Mexico, immigration and national security. The ads, which start airing on Friday, are part of a two week, $4 million dollar buy in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Meanwhile, Clinton plans to spend $17 million on new ads in those same states along with three others. Ohio saw more Clinton ads last week than any other state did, and one analyst says a Clinton ad aired in Ohio once every eight minutes last week.

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