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Balderson: Ohio Has Already Reached Renewable Energy Capacity Goal

Ohio Senate
Sen. Troy Balderson (R-Zanesville)

The fight over the future of Ohio’s energy policies for the next three years is coming down to the wire and there are still different battles being fought.

It’s likely state lawmakers will pass a bill that would essentially continue a freeze of the green energy standards that require utilities to meet benchmarks each year.

As Republican Senator Troy Balderson of Zanesville points out, Ohio has already reached the renewable energy capacity the state initially set out to achieve, without a mandate in place.

“They’re already doing it…these companies are investing in clean energy they have the same perspective I have, use it all.”

Opponents argue that Balderson is only looking at half of the picture. They want to see the standards come back to ensure that utilities do in fact put that renewable energy on the grid.

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