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Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Weigh In On The Future Of Fracking In Ohio

November 2016
Statehouse News Bureau
Fracking protest at Ohio Statehouse

One of the Democrats running for Governor is calling for an end to oil and gas drilling in Ohio.  While his four primary opponents aren’t embracing that idea, they agree that more needs to be done to protect the environment. 

Dennis Kucinich says wants to use eminent domain to shut down fracking wells and initiate a class action lawsuit to make fracking companies pay for damage to the environment.

“Those who have poisoned Ohio’s people and the land will be made to pay.”

Connie Pillich disagrees with Kucinich’s approach.

“It is rash. It is naïve. It will take years and will be marred with legal battles and taxpayers are going to have to pay those legal fees.”

Bill O’Neill also takes issue with Kucinich’s suggestion.

“Ending fracking is not the right answer and initiating another class action lawsuit is clearly not the right answer.”

Joe Schiavoni says fracking is important to parts of Ohio but believes the state needs to be a better watchdog.

“You put a lot of emphasis on making sure you have people on the ground at ODNR and Ohio EPA.”

Richard Cordray agrees strict enforcement is key.

“As you know, Jo, when I was Ohio Attorney General, I prosecuted polluters who did not engage in responsible practices.”

Republicans dominate Ohio’s legislature so if a Democrat is elected as governor, they’d have to work with conservatives who embrace fracking to make big changes.

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